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We hear the word Rejuvenation used often enough, when referring to a variety of “Beauty Treatments “on offer these days……………so what exactly is Rejuvenation?

The Oxford Dictionary offers this meaning – Rejuvenate: to make someone or something look or feel better, younger, or more vital.

Whilst this concept may charm those of us who choose to partake in Rejuvenating ourselves, there are methods of rejuvenating that do and continue to cause immediate and lasting harm.

These treatments in particular promise all sorts of results, however, often it is not mentioned that they will cause discomfort, pain, swelling, bruising, therefore, healing time and most importantly downtime from your normal schedule. Lasers, dermal-fillers, needling, facial threads, chemical peels, chemical and harmful aluminium micro-dermabrasion and painful injections might indeed produce a temporary result, but to date, have always caused immediate discomfort, redness and damage and therefore a healing period becomes necessary to the chosen area.

When we choose one of the more painful and invasive procedures, we are causing an injury to our face or body…..

Our body has an automatic trauma alert response to this and over a period of time, our immune and lymphatic systems can become stagnated and inflamed and lead to the formation of fat and fibre, leaving unsightly lumps just under the skin…….commonly known as cellulite.

Simply, the body must use its’ Immune System to make the repair to any area that is treated in this manner and as we all have different recovery times it depends on the “fitness” of our Immune System to recover, whatever our age.

If our Lymphatic system begins to become blocked, then both our face and or body will begin to form cellulite.

If we choose treatments that penetrate the skin or very hot techniques to produce a firm, smooth, fuller look to our skin, over time a thinning process can take place leaving our faces feeling flat, lifeless and dull. If we require any recovery period, these treatments certainly do not make us look or feel wonderful.

Hot laser treatments can also “switch” on your own melanocytes……….the very activation that tans your skin in the sun. Dark spots may begin to appear and sometimes make the situation worse in the fullness of time………If this sounds familiar then it is maybe time to try a more reliable way to look after your skin.

Our purpose is to bring out the very best in everyone. It’s not only about looking great; it’s about feeling great as well. You deserve our  Diamond Treatments!

Diamond has been around since 1991 with a forward thinking non-invasive approach and has always been behind the philosophy

“That looking and feeling good does not have to cause an injury”

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