Client Comments

My forehead looks great and only after one session. After a few treatnments I looked in the mirror and saw my young self again……….I’m happy that people see my youthful face again! I’m very happy!  – Brian

Thank you for all you have done for me! You have transformed me – renewing my health and self image. You have been incredibly generous! – Iris

Thank you for enriching my life and rejuvenating my face…….I thought it was gone forever. – Karenne

Thank you for an amazing, enlightening, cleansing, renewing and healing experience! It is a pleasure to come for treatments. – Shannon

You have given me a wonderful gift and I truly Thank you! You have helped me find my inner peace and happiness, something I did not know I had lost until your machines worked their magic! – Cheryl.

My face doesn’t feel like mine!! It feels incredible, I can’t believe it! Thank you. – Leeanne

My face is young, lifted, glowing, smooth. I feel new again thanks to your wonderful machines and treatments!  – Barb

My friends told me I looked 15 years younger! I love my face and the way I feel too! – Anne

I never thought micro-dermabrasion could be this comfortable and really work! I’m a convert. – Kate

I love this type of Lymphatic Massage…… it works like magic and I love the way it has reshaped my face. If I had to choose between having Lymphatic Drainage and a new pair of shoes, I would choose Lymphatic Drainage in a heartbeat! – Sandy

I love my new apple shape on my cheeks……….my face is totally lifted, fresh and alive! This is a monthly priority now for me. – Gloria

I would not go without having the Flower Peel micro-dermabrasion ever again……It’s the best. – Amer

Not only did I walk away feeling wonderfully rejuvenated but the results were evident immediately. My face felt smooth and I was glowing, giving me confidence about my skin, something I have struggled with for a long time. The combination of micro-dermabrasion and Lymphatic drainage was something that I hadn’t experienced before. There was no irritation or redness after the treatments which is something that differs from other experiences I have had before.  Ellen, Senior Designer, Sydney Hills Living Magazine.

I can’t believe my eyebrows lifted about 1/2 cm…’s amazing, unbelievable. You don’t realize how much fluid you hold in your face. – Dianne.

The treatments were divine :) Wow – Linda x

It just doesn’t feel like my face. It’s amazing. – Maura