Our Diamond Medilift ™ is a powerful tool that will achieve a non-invasive, non-surgical face lift. When specific muscles of the face and neck are targeted, the Diamond Medlift™ is able to achieve and maintain a more youthful, vibrant, lifted, toned and glowing result that only surgical procedures were able to offer. This unique non-invasive approach is a commitment of your time and will take longer to achieve your ‘new look’, however, this truly worthwhile investment in yourself is a life changing experience…………

The reason

The Diamond Hollywood Facelift incorporates four unique machines which are used in sequence to lift the muscles in the face, stimulate your own collagen, smooth out surface wrinkles and clear the facial lymphatics.

The result

The result of the treatment is not only a visible face lift, but a new, clean and healthy environment in the face which will support and sustain the natural lifting of the muscles and detoxification of the extra cellular matrix. This is the secret to the success of the Diamond Medilift™.

The secret

The Diamond Medilift™ contains Quadri-Functional Muscular Stimulation (QFMS) which uses four advanced wave form therapies to work with the body’s natural currents and put the face or body through a premium workout.

These currents mobilise fatty deposits, tone and define muscles, lift and tighten the skin and assist with wrinkle reduction. This means that muscles can be retrained to lift and hold their position, allowing a much more permanent result.

Our unique Cupping Machine TM reshapes and completes the task of removing built up fatty deposits and toxins, leaving your face wonderfully smooth, clear, clean, lifted, toned, youthful and  glowing with vitality.

The Ultimate Diamond Hollywood Facelift

The Ultimate Diamond Hollywood Facelift package also includes our Radio Frequency treatment, which stimulates your own Fibroblast activity to make your own natural, beautiful collagen that will support the newly created environment within your facial structure. This leaves you with wonderfully firm skin. This is a warm treatment, so there is no overheating of the skin and no destruction of Fibroblasts, as is the common treatment on offer with lasers.

Surface wrinkles are then “ironed” out with our Ultra Therapy machine, leaving your face wonderfully smooth. This is a luxuriously warm treatment that gives superb results.

The treatments

A treatment takes around 90 minutes per area, and 12 visits are recommended.

Treatments are performed by our Diamond Trained Professionals.

Cost: Our Ultimate Diamond Hollywood Facelift is $375 per session or 12 pre-paid and pre-booked sessions for $3000. All appointments must be completed 12 months from the date of package pre-payment.

Contact: Kate or Lynette to schedule your first life-changing treatment on (02) 9679 0561