Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Our unique and patented Diamond Cupping Machine is based on the ancient Greek technique of cupping. While also similar to the Chinese cupping technique, its focus is on moving Lymph or Lymphatic fluid more freely through our extra cellular matrix which in turn will help the Lymphatic Vessels work more efficiently to clear toxins from the body.

The lymphatic system is our body’s own defence mechanism against disease, and when in good working order has the ability to do this very well.

Our lymphatic system, however, does not have its own built in ‘pump’. So if we are not able to exercise or ‘pump’ our lymph via muscle activity, the lymphatic system can become sluggish and stagnated, causing a breakdown in our immunity. Our lymph can then become inflamed causing more problems with our health, including inflammation and a general state of un-wellness.

This leads to the formation of fat and fibre (commonly known as cellulite) which can lead to unwanted fatty deposits on our body.

The solution

Our unique Cupping Machine is a mechanical way of pumping lymph healthily through our bodies.

It is a light procedure and does not result in the same bruising that Chinese cupping  can produce. It is very effective in draining unnecessary lymph and can aid in keeping our immune system healthy.

The lymphatic system is one of our bodies’ systems that is worthwhile looking after. A Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a wonderful resource to do just that!

Cost The Diamond Lymphatic Massage is $120 per session or a series of 5 pre-paid treatments $500. All appointments must be completed 12 months from the date of package pre-payment.

Contact Kate or Lynette to schedule your first life-changing treatment on  (02) 9679 0561

*If you have a chronic illness or any condition that is being managed by your Health Care Professional, it is a good idea to check with them before you decide to try any Lymphatic style of Massage.