Skin Rejuventation

The Diamond Flower Peel  

The Diamond Flower Peel is a new fast growing application for skin renewal.

The result

With zero trauma and the ability to correct numerous skin conditions, a Diamond Flower Peel will help create a healthier, visibly vital skin.

The Diamond Flower Peel technology features a unique dual control system that allows each treatment to be individualised. An adjustable applicator head delivers a steady, straight-on powerful stream of specific Diamond Flower Peel grains to leave the skin smooth, clear, clean, renewed and fresh. No skin penetration is required. It’s feels like magic!

The Diamond Flower Peel process literally ‘switches on’ Fibroblast activity to produce brand new healthy collagen.

There is absolutely no down time and treatments can be performed without any interruption to your normal routine. You can return to work immediately after this unique treatment, because there is no injury to the skin, no bleeding and no waiting for weeping to heal.

You will feel the difference in your skin immediately and the improvement continues each day.

There is a Diamond Flower Peel to suit all skin types and a series of five treatments is the recommended protocol.

This is the perfect way to prepare for your Wedding Day or that special event where you want to look your very best and you can have a Diamond Flower Peel only a few days before your wedding without worry or trauma.

Natural Diamond Flower Peel is half price at $500 pre-paid for 5 sessions. All appointments must be completed 12 months from the date of pre-payment.

Diamond Oxy Pure Infusion

Without sufficient oxygen cells begin to die. There are many thousands of different toxic contaminants in the air we breathe, the food we eat and in the water we drink, bathe and swim.

Our bodies are subjected to these toxins daily, which make it difficult for the body to metabolise and eliminate this high volume of toxins that have become part of the daily living.

In recent times, cosmetic treatments have been developed to infuse gaseous oxygen into the skin by pressurised application. The drawback on this type of application is that pressurised gaseous oxygen will draw moisture from the cells and gaseous oxygen is not readily available to the skin cells.

The Diamond Oxy Pure system provides oxygen to the skin in a liquid bio available form and unlike gaseous oxygen when applied to the skin does not dehydrate the skin. In fact the Diamond Oxy Pure system saturates and hydrates the skin. This super hydration combined with the liquid minerals contained in the Oxy Pro products are delivered  where they are easily assimilated by the cells of the skin to give a long lasting result. This means the skin cells and their metabolic health are enhanced which produces younger looking skin. The highly concentrated oxygen contained in our Oxy Pro serums is pH balanced to your blood stream and does not produce harmful free radicals.

The Diamond Oxy Pure is a natural anti-aging therapy with an exciting oxygen delivery system to reverse the signs of aging skin.

Cost The Diamond Oxy Pure Infusion is $150 per session or 5 pre-paid pre-booked sessions $600. All appointments must be completed 12 months from the date of package pre-payment.