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Wedding Day Planning

Now that you have the date planned for your big day, it’s time to be planning your skin for the big day as well.

With all the exciting preparations, and a to-do-list that can seem to be never ending, the one thing to put at the top of the list is planning the way you wish to look and feel on your wedding day. Allowing an affordable budget that makes sense and produces magical results, is as important as planning your venue, dress, flowers and all of the other wonderful details that have to be considered.

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We call it “Wedding Day Fit” and “Photo Shoot Fit”

Your skin will be under a reasonable amount of stress in the lead up to the event and our Bridal Package is the perfect way to ” train ” your skin to be at its’ very best before and long after your wedding day and honeymoon.

Having your Bridal Party begin their planning at the same time, will also ensure that all the special people that share in your big day will be at their very best as well.

Our Mums of both Brides and Grooms love their “new faces” and feel absolutely wonderful, often telling us that they feel so much more effective and valuable when they are called on to help out with preparations. Our Mums really do love being Wedding Day Fit!

Grooms, Groomsmen and  Fathers of the Bride will also appreciate and enjoy the way they look and feel on the day and we are pleased to say that 40% of our clientele are young men and not so young men, who enjoy taking pride in their appearance. They love having clean, clear and polished skin and have found being Wedding Day Fit such a great experience that they continue long after the day is over. There is something special about the way a man, young or not so young, wishes to look for his woman.

How do we make you “Wedding Day Fit”?

We suggest you begin 5-6 months prior to your wedding day, with the initial Flower Peel  package comprising of 5 weekly treatments and maintaining one treatment a month for 5-6 months. This is the most effective and productive way to prepare and you will love the way you feel about your face, not just the way you look!

Our Deep Cleaning System and Natural Flower Peel are essential treatments for beginning your Wedding Day Fitness programme, all without discomfort, pain, downtime or injury. Your facial pores will be smooth, refined and non-visible and your skin will be as smooth as silk. Used in concert with our unique IPL ( Intense Pulsed Light ) machine, your face will be lifted, firmer, lighter, clean, clear and glowing, so that by the time you have to shine on your big day, you are totally ready and indeed Wedding Day and Photo Shoot Fit!

Call for your ½ hour consultation at no charge and begin planning now! A five month treatment package will cost $1500 paid in advance. Phone 02 9679 0561. All appointments must be completed 12 months from the date of package pre-payment.

Our treatments are Instantly Magical and Superior ever after, which means… happily ever after!